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Guided Walks

Markets of Mumbai

After two years away from the motherland, I started looking at the city in a whole new light. I started roaming around Mumbai alone, observing people and their daily life. I became a tourist in my own homeland!


The markets help me see the micro systems existing within the macro system of the various cities around the world. For starters, I conduct walks in the lesser known markets of Mumbai and Pune.

Get in touch if you would like to see the city from a different perspective.

Bombay v/s Mumbai   |   Sensory walks   |   Mumbai - a way of life

Intangible Heritage

Documenting and preserving our intangible heritage. What is intangible heritage? What are Traditions?

Our markets are a window to the intangible heritage we are slowly forgetting. 


Food   |    Recipes    |    Customs    |    Family traditions    |    Generations    |   Festivals  

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