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The Rainham Household

Visitor Experience Design    |    Project Duration: 8 weeks    |    Client: National Trust    |    Group project

Rainham Hall

Rainham Hall is a Grade II listed Georgian House in Rainham in the London Borough of Havering. It was built by a merchant John Harle in 1729 and is now owned by the National Trust.


MA Narrative Environments was approached to design visitor experience proposals for Rainham Hall. Our four-member team came up with a community oriented proposal. 'Rainham household' is an extension of the homes of the people of Rainham.


Group members: Daisuke, Praneti, Yi, and Yaxi.

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Concept development
Story boarding

Mapping Rainham's Businesses​

Internship at Studio Weave    |    Duration: 40 hours

Parts of the three proposals presented by the MANE students were included by Studio Weave in their program. Studio Weave was comissioned by the National Trust to design and implement the visitor experience for Rainham Hall.

One part of our Rainham Household proposal was to conduct a skills audit in Rainham to find out the various skills available and see who could conduct workshops.

I got the opportunity to work closely with the Studio Weave team as an intern. I mapped out the businesses in Rainham. 

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