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Museum Design    |    Project Duration: 8 weeks    |    Classroom project

Block model

Natyavalay  - VISION

This place will be every actor's, director's dream. It should have everything they might need while practising for a play and then finally while performing it. It would eventually have state of the art facilities for activities like script writing, lighting, music, set design, backstage management, costume design, etc.


Mission Statement

Would be an institution dedicated to celebrating, supporting and further establishing the identity of Marathi Theatre. The institution aims to break the wall between the audience, theatre aspirants and enthusiasts as well as practitioners established in the field.


A canteen traditionally has been central to most of the creative dialogue that takes place within the active theatre community, so a unique part of the institute would be a canteen that would be an artefact in itself.


The forward march of the Marathi Theatre has been ever progressive since its start in1843. Marathi Theatre has etched a golden chapter in the history of Indian Theatre. It is difficult to narrate its past in a few words. Hence, the Museum to celebrate the spirit of Marathi Theatre Industry. 

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Gallery Design
Concept development
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