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Garden Stories 2014

Temporary Exhibition   |   Project Duration: 8 months   |   Client: Bexley Heritage Trust   |   Budget: £3,500   |   Area: 12sqm

Concept diagram

Brief: Hall Place is a part-Tudor, part Jacobean, country house on the outskirts of Bexley Village. The Gardens belongs to Hall Place and is open to the public. The brief asked us to curate and design an exhibition about the history of the Gardens.


Concept: The exhibition echoed the visitors' voices and unfolded their stories using audiovisual elements. The audience would go back to a boarding school in 19th century England with a child’s letter to their parents, to a soldier breaking the German’s Enigma code during World War II. 

Finally, the recordings take you to a more personal experience with the other visitors and become a way for people to remember and share some of their best memories of these gardens while creating new ones.


Group members: Caroline, Ching Wei, Laura, Praneti, Vanessa, and Yihe.

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