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G & M Heritage Trail

Guided Walking Tour    |    Project Duration: 8 months    |    MA Final year project

Borough Market on a saturday afternoon

A guided walking tour speculating on our present and future relationship with food.

The G&M Heritage Trail is a multi-sensory experience for the disappointed visitors at Borough Market on Sundays (when the market is shut). Borough Market is the oldest food market in London, attracting hundreds of visitors daily.

The walk is set in the year 2070 that shows the visitors a glimpse of the dystopian future we might face if we continue with our current food consuming and growing practices.


The aim of the project is to inform people about the possible future so that they can make conscious decisions today, especially in terms of food.

G&M, Greg & Molly's a fictitious food company, has sponsored the walk to promote their new range of 3D printed food "foodprint Flavours". Valentina and Sandrine, the tour guides take the audience around the market touching on topics like the market's past, real and artificial food. They share 3D printed food samples and secretly manage to give people a taste of real food, which is a rarity in 2070.


Using design fiction or Futurescaping method I have speculated about the future of food with Borough Market at the centre. 

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Concept development
Content generation
Script writing
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