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Cross BEATS 

Interactive Installation Design   |   Project Duration: 4 weeks   |   Client: Google   |   Budget: £ 20,000   |   Group Project

Cross BEATS - Rhythm of King's Cross

Brief: In the summer of 2014, Google approached MA Narrative Environments to make an interactive installation along King's Boulevard in King's Cross (KX). This is where the new UK headquarters of the company is under construction. They wanted to say hello to the community without having any visual connection to Google! 


Concept: Cross BEATS is a musical wall that uses everyday objects to generate sounds. An interplay of different peoples’ varying paces that create the rhythm of King's Boulevard. The objects are hit by beaters that are triggered by the movement of people walking. Depending on their speed 1 or all 4 beaters (in a column) will be triggered. A motion sensor triggers the solenoid motor attached to the beater to hit the object. 


Personal stories about daily objects are collected from the people of KX, people who work in, live in or visit KX. Objects are used to illustrate & represent the stories.

Check out the prototype video at the end!


Group members: Daisuke, Jacquetta, Vania, and Praneti

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Cross Beats: Rhythm

Cross Beats: Rhythm

Watch Now
Cross Beats: Prototype

Cross Beats: Prototype

Watch Now
Concept development
Arduino + Motion sensors
Community involvement
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