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Visitor Experience Design    |    Project Duration: 3 weeks    |    Classroom project

Albanian food?

Brief: To design an Albanian food experience for tourists travelling to Tirana


We spent five days in Tirana during which we witnessed the unique Cafe culture. People spent hours in these cafes nursing their espressos and a bottle of water. These cafes serve only beverages, rarely do they serve food. Our goal was to provide not only a new visitor experience but also a way to benefit the local economy and the communities of Tirana. 


Concept: Tourists consider Tirana more of a transit location than a destination. We proposed to use cafes as catalysts and get visitors to spend more time in iconic locations like the Pyramid


The Byrekafe sources from local bakeries to provide homemade byreks. Gives people reason to stay longer. No tables or chairs, it encourages people to take their food and explore the area, even climb up the Pyramid!


Group members: Caroline, Emily, Jacquetta, Laura, Praneti, Yi-Chun, and Yi-Ning.

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Concept development
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